Grindrod Shipping

Quality shipping services across dry-bulk 

Grindrod Shipping, originated in South Africa with roots dating back to 1910.  The company is based in Singapore, with offices around the world including, London, Durban, Tokyo and Rotterdam.  Its primary listing is on Nasdaq and secondary listing on the JSE. Grindrod Shipping is an international shipping company that owns, charters-in and operates a fleet of drybulk carriers. 



Our vision is to continue being a significant and profitable international shipowner and operator with a growing fleet of modern and flexible ships.

Our Culture 

Our skilled and experienced personnel are passionate about delivering world class service to our customers. Relationships have been built over many years and are founded on integrity, trust and respect.  Each person takes pride in what they do and is accountable for their role in achieving the company’s goals.  

Operational Brands

Grindrod Shipping trades globally under two key brands - Island View Shipping (IVS) and Unicorn. 


IVS is focused on shipping dry bulk cargo such as minerals, coal, ores and agricultural products. 

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Unicorn Shipping is focused on shipping liquid chemicals and clean petroleum products.

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Commercial and Technical Management

We commercially and technically manage the vast majority of our Fleet in-house.

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