Unicorn Shipping

About Us

Unicorn’s South African roots date as far back as the 1910’s. Unicorn’s emblem and red, blue and white colours are a familiar sight on international waters and are known for high quality and standards. Unicorn Shipping moved from London to Singapore in 2010. Unicorn is involved in the medium range and intermediate tanker markets, shipping clean petroleum products.



With roots dating back to 1910, this business is known for impeccable quality and standards

40 000 to 52 000 dwt

Medium Range Product Tankers

Four 2013 built medium range product tankers are jointly owned with Vitol through the Leopard Tankers venture, and are commercially managed by Vitol, along with two other long-term chartered 2014 built medium range product tankers. The balance of the fleet is either in period charters or under third party commercial management through a pool.

16 500 dwt

Intermediate Product Tankers

The company’s fleet of intermediate tankers are placed in period charters or entered in the Maersk Intermediate Handy Tanker Pool operating out of Singapore, Mumbai, Copenhagen, London and New York, trading clean products or easy chemicals.

South African Coastal Service

Unicorn Tankers provide shipping services for the transportation of petroleum products along the Southern African coast as well as East and West Africa. The division operates its own, owned and time-chartered tankers to service the shipping requirements of the various oil majors and other local charterers with customers including Shell, Chevron, Engen, Total, SASOL, PetroSA and BP.